Core Areas
  • Executive Coach, Social Impact Strategist, Public engagement, Online group facilitation, strategic planning, government and public affairs and engagement.

  • Public speaking, branding, marketing, blogging, writing, communications

  • Executive Philanthropic Coaching, Campaign organizing, capacity building, Board  development, Fundraising Planning, Grant writing. 

  • Digital Event management, agenda and logistics coordination.


  • Certified Leadership Coach,  Coach Training Alliance

  • Certified with the City of LA: MBE/WBE/and SBE LA.

  • Fundamentals of Effective Grantmaking, Southern California Grant Makers

  • Conflict Resolution, NCCJ

  • Climate Reality Project Certification

  • Climate Change Communications, Cornell University

  • Fundraising Office Management,  UCLA Extension

Marta A. Segura M.P.H. is a social impact strategist and leadership coach.  She is also a co-creator that strengthens leaders and communities and small businesses for women of color. She has raised Millions of dollars for Nonprofits and as a funder given Millions to great causes over the years. As a Social Impact Coach, she guides women of color in overcoming adversity and the imposter syndrome while they lead their business or nonprofit.  She is also a coalition builder, convener, event manager, speaker, facilitator,  and offers digital conferencing skills development as well.  She is passionate about connecting people to resources, to each other and to their inner GPS,  to build healthier thriving communities.  The common thread is we are all seeking to do good and feel good, that is why her firm has relaunched as "Segura Strategies 4 Good."

"Marta has an uncanny ability to integrate her leadership, philanthropic experience, and public policy work into all that she does."  Her recent clients have included The Water Foundation, The Energy Foundation, PSR LA, The Rockefeller Foundation,  LA 84 Foundation,  City of LA, Sanitation, Mayor's Office, Housing Authority of the City of LA, the Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce, and various law firms and Executives who reach out for one on one coaching.

She served as  City Planning Commissioner for the City of Los Angeles she had the opportunity to co-create policy and legislation for her community that improved communities through out the region. Segura has served on various boards for philanthropy, government and nonprofits and strives to be a servant leader. 


She graduated from UCSB in Environmental Policy and Management, and then received her Master’s Degree from UCLA’s School of Public Health, also in Environmental Policy and Management.

Capability Statement